Birthday muffins

I’m feeling so behind on so many things, although I am doing better at not taking on too much. Unfortunately, I was up to my neck already, so some loose ends are going to be flapping around until they are tied up. Hopefully soon, I will feel the pace slowing.

Today’s my mom’s birthday. We called and sang to her, but I wanted to do something special just for her. We will be seeing her tomorrow for The Boy’s end-of-year preschool program. It seemed important to have a gift ready.

So I did two of my favorite things…I knitted and baked.

The dishcloth pattern is a Ravelry link called “Grandmother’s Favorite.” It looks exactly like what you’d expect if you’ve ever seen a knitted dishcloth! The colors will be great in my mom’s kitchen. (Other items on the table include a baby bib with prunes and cereal on it, a post-it note with the babysitter’s e-mail address so I can send her a reference letter, two random Lego blocks, and one of those whirly helicopter toys with a handle and a propeller that you spin in your hands to make it fly).

The muffin recipe was adapted from this one at How Sweet It Is. I added peanut butter, because my mom loves it. There were a dozen, of course…I had to eat part of one to make sure the peanut butter worked out okay (it did!). They have raw turbinado cane sugar on top…so tasty…and they aren’t too unhealthy, either, since they use whole wheat flour and just a little bit of brown sugar. Definitely better for you than most of the baking I’ve done recently!

I saved half of the sample for George, who was gigging tonight with his band (check them out here) and had to deal with a broken flute mic rig. It sounded less than ideal. The guy could use a muffin. Or half a muffin. Still, any muffin is better than no muffin at all, right?

Having seen the mild chaos that is my life right now, I hope that Mom will know these gifts were a labor of love. Happy birthday, Mom!

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