Garden update…beetles, giant squash leaves, and teeny tomatoes

As a beginning gardener, I find everything exciting this year.


We have tiny new baby tomatoes!
The pole beans are actually climbing the poles!


There is real, live basil growing out of the ground! 

      And so far, the chicken wire fence is working.

The flip side of my enthusiasm is the absolute dread that overtakes me whenever something bad happens in the garden. I just feel like I don’t know anything.

  • What am I going to do about the Japanese beetles? They are eating the maple tree and the new hibiscus Sam got me for my birthday. I even found one inside one of the new roses. Will they find the food in the garden? What do we do if they start eating our veggies? I’ve read we should try to drown them in soapy water. Is that going to be as hard as it sounds? Will it really work? I have my doubts…but I really don’t want to use any pesticide.
  • The crazy yellow squash is so big that it’s shading the peppers (which are not growing well in the shade). It is out-of-control healthy and huge. I guess I should be glad that it is doing so well, but…oh, wait, what’s that?…there’s a weird bug on the squash, and what’s under this leaf? Little tiny brownish eggs, all laid neatly in rows…and there are some more, and some more…

 A little research on Google tells me that we have some squash bugs. Oh, goody. Now I have to figure out what to do with these guys, too. Will they also drown in soapy water? Will they leave if I ask them nicely?


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