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Update: Merit badges, fish and tantrums

So, for all of you who have been worrying about our fish and our children after the aquarium incident, I’m pleased to report the following:

  • Number of fish casualties to date: 0
  • Number of children who succumbed to fungal infections: 0
  • Number of snails still unaccounted for: 1 (it can’t all be good news, after all…though I’m not convinced his disappearance is related to the incident!)
  • Number of Merit Badges earned by the Mama in this story: 1

Just after I wrote my post about The Boy’s fishing escapades, I sent an e-mail to the amazing Amy of Mama Scout, who makes the Mama Merit Badges. She likes to hear stories from parents who have badge-worthy experiences. I thought my story qualified, and I wanted to share it with her.

To my great excitement, Amy wrote back and said she was sending me my very own Tantrum Badge…for not having a tantrum. (If you didn’t catch the original story, you should go back and read it. I believe a tantrum was justified. I have certainly had them in less extreme circumstances.)

Ta-da! My very own tantrum badge

Before Amy could send my badge, though, my lovely friend Karen got one for me and mailed it to me herself. What a wonderful surprise!

I am sewing it on our diaper bag. I hope people will ask about it so I can tell them about Amy’s badges…it makes me smile every time I look at it. (Thank you, Karen.)

There is cosmic benefit in sharing these kinds of stories. A whole tribe of parents know the feeling of surveying the wreckage after some mishap, eyeing our offspring and wondering what possessed them to do what they did. We can all use some knowing nods, sympathetic words, and pats on the back on those days. Parenting is a full-contact sport. We need involved spectators to cheer us on when the going is rough.

Thanks, everybody, for your support of our family and for following our adventures with this little blog. It’s nice to have your company as we figure out what the heck we’re doing.

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