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7 Quick Takes: OBX Racing Love

Serious anticipation is crackling in the air at our house right now. Even though there is still a pile of laundry (okay, multiple piles) to be done before we can pack our stuff, we are all tremendously excited (according to SuperSam) about our race at the beach this weekend. So that you can share in our fluttery stomach feelings, here are 7 reasons I can’t wait for the OBX Marathon/Half-Marathon this weekend:
— 1 —

The playlist. I have taken all your suggestions into account, have looked them up on iTunes and/or Spotify, and have crafted the most beautifully perfect race playlist ever. This is my first big race in two years, so the music is very important to me. When does a stay-at-home parent get to listen to all her own music without interruption? Answer: when she’s running a really long way by herself. I can’t wait. Which brings me to number 2…

— 2 —

Babysitting by grandparents. This course is not baby jogger-friendly. I am going to be totally by myself for about three hours (from pre-start to finish) on Sunday morning. I honestly can’t remember the last time this happened. It’s felt like Christmas Eve all week long. All I have to do is run 13.1 miles to get this privilege. Why don’t I do this every weekend?

— 3 —

Water stops. While I am on the course running, someone is going to hand me drinks every couple of miles if I want them. (And no one is going to ask me for any juice, then change his mind and say he wants milk, then spill it on the floor and refuse to help clean it up, either.) This will be a nice reversal of how my days usually go.

— 4 —

Water stops, part B. The sound of paper cups crunching under thousands of running shoes is one of the greatest sounds in the whole world.

— 5 —

Donuts. Duck Donuts. In one word: amazing. I’m going there, and I’m going to be burning 1300 extra calories on Sunday morning. Logically, I should be able to eat as many donuts as I want, and I plan to do exactly that.

— 6 —

The Outer Banks is one of my very favorite places.  This race in this place is special. It’s beautiful, of course, but it’s more than that…the people who put this race together have made it a great community event, and the whole community comes out to support it. People here are tough and resilient, just like marathon runners – it’s a natural fit. Besides, you can stick your legs in the cold ocean when you finish running, which beats an ice bath any day.

— 7 —
The end…and little hugs and kisses. They’re going to give me a medal at the end. When I cross the finish line, no matter how slow my time was, someone is going to put a medal around my neck. It makes no difference how many times I have this experience- it never gets old. I feel like an Olympian. Or a superhero.

Baby SuperSam and me after 2009 Ukrops 10K
After it’s all done and I have my medal and my runner’s high and my complimentary sports drink and banana, I will get to see my children and hug them. I’ll remember that part of why I do this is to be the best mom I can be to my three little ones, because that’s what they deserve. And seeing all three of them there together will remind me that what I’ve just done is a big achievement for someone who had twins after 12 weeks of bed rest just over a year ago. That woman is pretty amazing. A lot has happened since she last covered this distance. 
What I’m doing this weekend is a big deal, and I’m proud that I’ve fought my way (almost) to the starting line. The race itself will be great, but I’m already feeling like a huge success.
Thanks for following along. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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