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Five-Minute Friday: Bare

A whole row of tiny toes, pink and round, wiggly and giggly, beg to be tickled as I dry them with the towel. Chubby arms with elbow dimples hug each other as little fingers poke “bee-bohs” and round bellies. Damp skin needs to be gently dried, damp hair to be carefully combed, and joyous smiles of tiny teeth to be brushed before a tangle of legs and arms go tumbling over each other down the hall to find jammies, bedtime stories and snuggles. Zipping carefully, I notice for the hundredth time what beautiful skin they have- so soft to the touch, so delicate, so pure.
Their souls are just as bare, fresh from their Creator without the toughened, self-defensive calluses I’ve built up on mine. Tender, open, and loving with no holds barred, those souls are entrusted to me to protect and nurture.
May I always remember to be as gentle with their souls as I am with their skin.

Five-Minute Friday is a kind of writing game hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker at her blog, Tales from a Gypsy Mama. The challenge is to write for five minutes without backtracking or over-editing or worrying. Five Minute Friday is also a community – check out the other writers’ posts by clicking the button below.

Five Minute Friday

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