five minute Friday

Five-Minute Friday: Ordinary

These are days when I think I’d give almost anything for ordinary…for smooth, rolling along days that stretch one into the other without big hiccups, the way ordinary time does…all green and mostly summery and not especially remarkable. No big ups, but no big downs either. Just middle-of-the-road.
Yet here we are again, in the middle of some choose-your-own-adventure kind of life, where the next page might be the beginning of a new chapter or a dead end. There’s no way to know except to stay up late and keep reading to see what happens next. I want to be up for the challenge, so I remember my friend James, who always said there’s nothing in the middle of the road except yellow lines and dead possums (neither of which is appealing to me tonight). I wish I wanted to be brave and venture confidently in the direction of the unfamiliar. I wish I wanted to write myself into a better place. Really, though, all I want at this moment is for things to go back to the way they were…ordinary.
Five-minute Friday is a chance to fingerpaint with words for five minutes and see what happens…no over-editing or over-analyzing or over-thinking….just writing. Click the link below to see what the other writers had to say about “ordinary.”

Five Minute Friday

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