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Five-Minute Friday: View

Five Minute FridayIt’s Friday again, which means it’s time to see what kind of writing I can lay down in five minutes. I do this for several reasons: 1. It’s a fun challenge, and I think it keeps my skills sharp. I tend to be wordy, and you can only get so wordy in five minutes if you want to make your point.  2. I love the community of writers who participate in this challenge every week. I love encouraging them and getting their feedback, too. 3. It feels like a fun way to kick off the weekend…kind of a soul-cleansing free write before we head into several days of family togetherness (and usually, no writing). 

                                        Ready to join in this week? Head over to Lisa Jo’s blog for the details.


I live in a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. To get to any respectably-sized cities, we have to drive over at least one of those mountains. It could be limiting, I guess, but we’ve gotten used to driving 40 minutes or so if we need something you can’t find at Wal-mart. Besides, I think it makes for an interesting grouping of people in our town…everyone has either grown up here and decided to stay, has gotten stuck here and can’t get out, or has come here very much on purpose. Other than the through hikers from the Appalachian Trail, the temporary park employees and the summer tourists, we don’t have a lot of folks just passing through for a short time.

Living in the valley means the sun sets earlier than it does at the beach, because the mountains block out part of the light. It means we can’t see Mercury when it’s low on the horizon, because the mountain hides it from our view. It means that fog sometimes settles on us, hiding everything but what’s immediately in front of us. It means that we have to go Up if we want to see further than the end of our street…and when we do, our town down below and our life in it suddenly seem very small.

My own personal valley these days has a great view of what’s immediately in front of me: a sinkful of dirty dishes, a load of dirty diapers, a floorful of Legos and some play dough that got ground into the living room carpet last week. I also have a great view of my three beautiful little ones, whether they are laughing together or ripping each other’s hair out by the roots. It’s easy to get stuck looking at this view of the trenches of raising a young family and to think it’s ordinary and unimportant. In some ways, it is. It’s also sacred, though, this time we spend down on the floor at eye level with our children. And while the days might drag on forever and make this time in our lives seem endless, one day I think we’ll be standing on a mountain, looking back at this trench and wondering where the years went so quickly.

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