#HolyLens, Lent

A Lent-Inspired playlist (and #HolyLens, Week 3 prompts)

Lent music…it’s a real thing. Did you know? Everyone is always excited to break out the Advent and Christmas music during the season. Since this is a holy season, too, and one in which we should be focusing on spiritual things, I think it deserves its own playlist, don’t you?

Although I could listen to the new Lent at Ephesus by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles on repeat for days on end, not everyone in my household wants to subsist solely on magnificently beautiful, breathtakingly wonderful nun-chant. I get it. So, to change things up a little, I put together an eclectic playlist for Lent. Expect a little bit of a lot of things: some gospel, some folk hymns, some soaring classical chorales, some modern interpretations, and some secular songs that still make us feel Lent-y. We are a people of varied musical tastes, and there’s a little something for all of us here.

(Here is a link to the playlist, in case the player doesn’t work for you.)

Feel free to skip the ones you don’t like, and feel free to share the playlist, too. If you feel like sticking to the calming nuns, you can start there and just listen to that part. I tried to group the songs a bit to put like things together. If you really want to live dangerously and mix it up, you can just shuffle the whole thing and see what happens.

Also, if you’ve been waiting for the Lent-stagram prompts for this week, here they are:

I think these are a little more down to earth than last week. I know a few people were feeling kind of stumped on some of the days this past week.

How are things going for you, Lent-wise? Or otherwise?

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