five minute Friday

Five-Minute Friday: Hold

I haven’t found much time for writing here recently, partly because of some other writing projects and partly because my hands are full (as people keep informing me). I’m sharing at Blessed Is She today about our identity as Christians and our response to fear and darkness…please go check it out (and subscribe to the daily devotions if you haven’t already- you can have beautiful reflections on the scriptures in your inbox every morning!)

If you’re new here, welcome- I’m so happy to have you! I haven’t written as much lately with the arrival of our new baby, but I hope you’ll look around and enjoy your stay.

And now, for the little bit of writing I can manage, here is Five-Minute Friday. (For those unfamiliar, Five-Minute Friday is writing for five minutes in response to a one-word prompt. We don’t overedit or worry about perfect composition. It’s great therapy for perfectionists and a way to silence your inner critic. Then we share our posts with a community of writers so we can encourage each other.)

Today’s prompt is Hold.


“You’ve sure got your hands full.”
Yes, I hear you. Yes, I do. They’re full…so full that I drop things. Sometimes it feels like trying to carry a load of laundry without a basket. Socks keep falling out, leaving a trail down the hallway from the dryer, evidence of all the small feet and mismatchedness around here.
They’re full, too, of crayon pictures and homemade play dough and favorite books (and always juggling requests to read that one again)…of card games and sidewalk chalk and Lego bits and pieces everywhere.
It’s too much to hold, really- too much for a pair of hands and arms that sometimes ache with their fullness. There’s a baby to burp and a dishwasher to unload and three sets of scraped knees to bandage. There are swings to push and curls to comb and tiny teeth to brush, and while the days feel incredibly long, there never seems to be enough time to do it all. How I long for an extra set of arms, or for bigger hands to help bear the weight.
There’s strength, though, in remembering that this is my vocation. I am called and chosen for this work, and as with any vocation, it is not reliant on my power or abilities. My work is mine, but my strength is God’s – and it is He that holds me in His hands, along with all the dishes and the laundry and the mess and the joy…and He won’t drop any of it.
For more Five-Minute Friday, head over to Kate’s blog.

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