Five minutes. Then five more.

It is finally nap time, and I’m leaving the lunch dishes in the sink to write for five minutes.

My trusted confidante says my five-minute writing is some of my best. That’s good, because I can grab five minutes here and there. I can’t always count on more than that right now.

What’s five minutes, out of a whole day? How insignificant is five minutes on the second day of a new year? It’s not a lot. On the first day of the year, the extra weight of intention seems to make those five minutes heavier, as if they count double, at least. 

An ordinary five minutes on a regular day, though, is not much time in which to scribble words, sketch thoughts, draw out hopes and dreams to embellish the bare-framed year stretching out ahead.

But maybe this is how we do the things that matter. Maybe this is how we enter in, lay the groundwork. Maybe this is how we claim our lives and steer them in the direction we want them to go. Maybe this is how to follow a calling. Not in large chunks of carefully-planned time, but in little found clumps of minutes.

Do you have hopes to change things this year? I’m not really a resolution person, but I often pause this time of year to evaluate how things are working and see if anything needs tweaking. This year, I’m hoping to be more intentional and less reactive by cultivating several habits:

1. Write daily for five minutes.

2. Speak more gently and sing more often than I yell. 

3. Use social media with intention (instead of mindlessly scrolling through).

How about you? Do you make resolutions or set goals for the new year? What’s on your list?

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