Easter, feasts and seasons

Happy Easter! {new playlist}

Happy Easter, everyone! We survived Lent! Hooray! I know several of you have been having a rough time during Lent this year, and I hope that Easter and the promise of better weather will help brighten your days and lift your spirits. I know I’m feeling better about most things just because there is abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures here. We actually went to Mass yesterday without coats, and it felt like everything was easier simply because we didn’t have to figure out where to put all those coats in our pew.

Yay! No coats! And baby legs on display!

Nora keeps walking into the kitchen, throwing her hands into the air, and proclaiming, “It’s STILL Easter!” I’ve learned that Nora is the kind of girl who just wants things to continue. Whatever’s happening is fine, as long as it doesn’t stop. So yes, Nora (who is still wearing her Easter dress, by the way), it’s still Easter. 1 day down, 49 more to go!

Headbands come off, but Easter dresses are forever. 

I’m so glad Easter is a season and not just a day. It makes me feel less guilty about not finding time to dye our eggs on Saturday. I did boil them, and they’re waiting in the refrigerator for that magical moment when we find time to do them and I have enough patience to supervise the process.

The process. That’s the thing, isn’t it? I know process art is the way to do things with little people. The point of making art is to enjoy the act of making art, not to reach some predetermined standard of rightness and make a perfect product. Crafts are fun and fine and well, but art…well, that’s different stuff. Art is for its own sake. It is all about the process.

Somehow, though, when I think of the process of being around the kitchen table with my three walking children, balancing the baby on one hip and trying to manage six grabby, snatchy hands that are all trying to get as many eggs as possible for themselves and throw them into all the egg dye before anyone else can get the best colors, I feel a little panicky. If I could dye eggs with each one of them individually, it would be fun. Even two of them at once would be great. But all three of them at the same time makes me tired in advance.

It was easy then, except it wasn’t, because he was still 3.

Maybe we’ll just wait for an evening when George is home. Or for my oldest kid to turn 8. Or something.

I saw someplace that you can use a whisk to help toddlers avoid dropping the eggs- has anyone done that? You put the egg inside the whisk and dip it in the dye. It seems like it would work better than those little wire spoon things that come with the egg dyeing kit.

OK. Enough about the eggs. We might do it. I’ll post some pictures if we do. And if you try the whisk thing before I do, let me know how it goes, okay?

Does it feel like a real challenge to you to keep the Easter celebration up for fifty whole days? That’s a long time…even longer than Lent, which always feels long by the end. I feel like I don’t usually do a great job after the first week or so. This year, I’m trying two things to help continue the celebration.

First, I’m going to keep fresh flowers on the table and on our little prayer table all Easter season. We had a blend of silk and fresh flowers for our Easter feast on Sunday. I’m planning to change out the live flowers each week and replace them with ones we pick on our walks or buy at the grocery store. I think this will help things feel special and remind me that we’re still celebrating. (Let’s be honest- the physical reminders are mostly for me, so I can keep everyone else going.)

Second, I made an Alleluia playlist for Easter. We don’t listen to it all the time, but it’s nice to start the day out remembering that Christ is risen. (Alleluia!) It’s a collaborative playlist, which means other people can add songs. I want to invite you to add your own alleluias to it. If you have a favorite Easter-y song that isn’t on the list, feel free to go on and add it. It will be fun to see how the list changes with your additions. If you add something, I’d love to know! If you want to contribute but don’t have time to add your song yourself, leave me a note in the comments, and I’ll be sure it gets added.

Do you do anything special to keep up the celebration of Easter until Pentecost? I could use some more ideas!

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