7 quick takes

7 Very Quick Takes: The I’m-Still-Alive Edition

I am still alive!

Since last Sunday night, I’ve been dragging myself from my couch to my bed and back again (depending on other adult availability for supervision of my children). My kids have watched more television than they had seen up to this point in their lives. We are all here, though, and we’re still able to take our big roadtrip, so that’s something.

I have a small mountain of laundry to deal with before I can pack for the bitter climate of the Northland (just kidding, I know it isn’t that cold yet, Canada)…so of course, I am taking a moment to blog. Priorities.

1. Disney Junior is not the best thing in the world. I’m pretty much convinced after a week of watching princesses, tiny cartoon scuba animal marine biologists, and conflict-ridden lion sibling relationships that it might be contributing to the demise of our society through an unrealistic standard of beauty and a ridiculous emphasis on individualism.

That said, it isn’t the worst thing, either. I respect Doc McStuffins’ dispassionate but empathetic approach toward her patients, and it’s difficult to dislike Mickey Mouse under any circumstances. He’s such a nice guy.

I am a little concerned that my girls have apparently fallen in love with some toy called “Adoptimals” that they saw repeatedly advertised this week and now want for Christmas.

2. In case I was worried about the effects of Disney on female identity in my house, my girls pretended last night during their bath that they were a twin swimming duo breaking the world record. When they touched the end of the tub, Lucy sat up and said, “Do you see where the other people are? Waaaaaay back there. They haven’t even started.” Then she granted me an interview, in which she confessed that she had been a bit nervous, but the world record race was really just like all her practice races. “I just did my best, not just today, but over the course of my life, and I wasn’t intimidated,” she said.

I was impressed.

“And my sister here tried really hard and got the silver,” she said, gesturing at Nora.
Nora shrieked and splashed her in the face.
“I…GOT…GOLD…TOO…justbecauseyouwerebornfirst you poopy top!” she yelled.

Apparently lions are not the only ones with difficult sibling relationships.

3. Felix has started his superhero phase claimed his true identity as a superhero.

“Who are you?”
“What are you gonna do?”
“I gonna fly!”

And he did. Unfortunately, his flight was cut short just after this by his brother, who crashed into him in the middle of a sword battle with a ninja princess who was defending her planet.

We obviously just need wider hallways.

4. I am tired of eating frozen waffles. Last night we had Chinese takeout for dinner, and it was the first real food I’ve eaten all week, and it was heavenly. Not quite as good as the turkey sandwich the hospital gives you after you have a baby, but almost.

5. I got some great ideas from readers and friends for things to do in the car that don’t involve screens. We’ve had so much screen time this week that I really want to take a break from them for a bit. I’ll let you know which ones work after we get back from our trip. In the meantime, feel free to follow along on Instagram (#dupuysgonorth) for occasional updates. Sam plans on featuring his Playmobil guy’s travel adventures with the hashtag #

6. My friend is taking my big kids to the playground this morning so I can finish packing. THIS IS SUCH A GIFT. If you ever find yourself in the position to offer this kind of love to a stressed out parent, you will earn a place in the friend hall of fame. Seriously. It seems like a little thing, maybe, but it is going to make such a difference!

7. Believe it or not, it’s almost time to start thinking about Advent…is there anything you’d like me to be sure to talk about? That’s a question, not really a quick take, but I’d love to be helpful to you if I can as I start thinking about preparing for this season of um, preparation.

Now, to do something about all that laundry. (I am probably not going to do anything about the french fries under the backseat. Just being honest.)

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