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Faith, Domestic Church and Celebrating the Liturgical Year

On being “blessed” 
30 things I can do instead of Facebooking through Lent
When life already feels like Lent
Feast of St. Brigid
Epiphany House Blessing
Twelfth Night
Feast of the Holy Family
Advent- What if it’s too dark to see God?
Feast of St. Lucy
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Feast of St. Nicholas
Advent chain craft: Names of Jesus
Advent music playlist
Why I need Advent.
Christ the King Sunday
Holiness at the end of a broom
The Angelus
Feast of St. George
Tea for Georgemas
Feast of The Annunciation
Feast of St. Patrick


Monday morning manifesto
Open letter to my friends
Cloud of witnesses (the library story time disaster)
Sometimes I just say “yes”
Epilepsy and our new “normal”
In praise of lower standards
Part 1: Merit badges for moms and therapy for tropical fish
Part 2: Update: Merit badges, fish and tantrums 
Part 3: Fish relocation and preschool morality
Ode to the village
On not being enough
First time: flying a kite
So tired.
Miles and milestones
When paper towels fly
Don’t say this to a mom having a tough day…
Two whole hours…alone time
Why I love to hate the post office

Fun things to do with little ones

Baking Soda & Vinegar experiment
Play with Water Beads 
Rainy Day Survival Guide 
Our interplanetary post office
Cloud dough
Paper tube nativity scene
Church activities: Felt Books
Church activities: Mass Bags
Pumpkin Painting Party
The Best Play Dough Recipe Ever
Butterfly hatch

SuperSam’s Space Stuff

Earth to SuperSam
Planetarium date with SuperSam
Space activities: planet making, Gustav Holst, rockets, homemade space helmet
Making Ice Planets
Making Moon Sand

Best Idea Ever (simple ideas to make life easier and more fun)

Vol. 1- Dinosaur wash
Vol. 2- Toy kitchen in the kitchen
Vol. 3- Box rocket building 
Vol. 4- Impromptu Sock Hop (with our 1950s playlist)
Vol. 5- Cleanup Theme Song

Five-Minute Friday (writing in response to a one-word prompt, just for the love of the process)

What Mama Did


On Boston
Giving thanks: Turkey Trots
Race report: OBX Half Marathon, Outer Banks, NC
7 Quick Takes: OBX racing love
Calling for reinforcements
Running playlist
Just go run already.
Back on track

Preschool Cooking Adventures

Gingersnaps in July
No-Cook Peanut Butter Balls

Books, books, books

Ways to encourage your child to love reading
7 books to read when you wish it was snowing

Twin parenting – life with multiples

Short list of things people say to parents of multiples
Letter to a New Mom of Multiples (Dear New Twin Mom)
Bathing Babies
Death by shoe shopping with twins
Surviving Grocery Shopping with little ones
What no one told me about having twins

Miscellaneous, and stuff my mom likes

Summer Sunday afternoon in pictures
Theme Thursday: Celebration
Theme Thursday: Sky