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Five-Minute Friday: Write

Oh, wow, it’s been a long time since I did a Five-Minute Friday. Today, I’m jumping back in again in my effort to take small steps to conquer Big, Overwhelming Things. It’s easy to join in the writing fun- set a timer for five minutes, write on today’s prompt without over-editing or heavy self-criticism, then share what you’ve got and encourage the writers around you. If you’re feeling brave (or even if you aren’t!), you can link up your post here at Lisa-Jo’s.

Here we go…five minutes on the clock.


The pressure starts at the back of my neck. It stretches around the sides of my head, ending up someplace behind my eyes…and that’s where the pain starts. A tension headache like this one can keep me awake all night, my head so full of whirling, churning thoughts that it might explode at any second.

How I wish for a tiny valve on the side of my head, something I could release to let the thoughts run out my ear canal so they wouldn’t be cluttering up the inside of my brain this way. They fly back and forth, crashing into each other, making me see white lights when they collide.

There is no such valve, but there is paper and pen. The next best thing. The only way to get those thoughts out of my head and safely tucked away someplace so I can get some rest.

I haven’t been writing enough lately. I’ve been busy with other things. But writing, like sleeping, only seems like a luxury. When I don’t take time to scribble the thoughts down, they fester and corrode and turn dark and dangerous. Letting them out into the light is the only way to stay healthy, to be strong, to be really alive.

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